Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM)


The Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) system allows patients with back, neck, or hip pain to perform functional movements in a pain free environment.

We are able to mobilize certain body parts to ensure that the patient can move in a pain free manner using the correct muscles and mechanics and to avoid using false movements or activating muscles that may be firing incorrectly.

We use the ATM in this manner to re-train the neuro-muscular system in order to teach our body correct movement patterns. We aim not only for instant improvements in pain and movement, but for lasting improvements that will improve your function.

This last year I had shoulder surgery and was to be off work for four months, but with the skill of the physical therapists at In Touch I was able to return to work one month early and before my disability ran out. Without the therapists at In Touch Physical Therapy I wouldn’t be walking, running, or racing my motorbike.

– Tom W.